Ooops it's Firefox. Unfortunatelly game behaves buggy on FF :/ Sometimes you will need to spam click bubbles to destroy them. Also to play again hard refresh to reset points. Sorry~~

Every year, in the village of Saktos cats from all over the universe celebrate the Bubble Festival

Bubbles fly up high as a tribute to the God of Sky (and birds aka food)

And it's today!Yay! Let's celebrate

But wait!What is this??? What's going on!

Suddently everything turned
dark and evil *panic*

My name is Purr Evil and I shall annihilate all those bubbles! Muahahaha

Hey!... Wait!
Are YOU the Purr Evil? *points at you, person at the keyboard*

Oh c'mon... don't you dare clicking our bubbles to destroy them!You hear me?!?

*evil whisper in your ear*: click as many bubbles as you can... START!

Bubbles annihilated:

But wait! WOAH! Is it a plane? Is it a bird?
Is it a battle axe from 1647?

NO! It's the Purretta Goodie! She will save us all :D *happy dance*

Purr Evil!!!
How dare you!
I will make you pay for all those annihilated bubbles!


Yesss! Purretta won! (ofc) Purr Evil is stopped and festival is saved. Kitties can celebrate again

Whatever... I'll get them all next year... Byes~~

You have destroyed

/25 bubbles

This pure css mini game
was created by
Alicja 'Arisu' Wolkowska